The FM module of RDA5807M radio module RRD102V2.0 stereo radio module

The FM module of RDA5807M radio module RRD102V2.0 stereo radio module

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FM Stereo Radio Module RDA5807M radio module RRD-102V2.0 features: 1. By using the 102BC module, users can directly replace to use, without changing the circuit design. 2. High sensitivity, low noise, strong anti-jamming ability, small size, very few external components (11x11.2mm Max), extremely easy to use. 3. 76-108MHz global FM band (compatible with including Japan 76-91MHz and Europe and the United States 87.5-108.5MHz). 4. I2C serial data bus communication interface, support for external reference clock input mode. 5. COMS technology of single chip integrated circuit fully integrated, power consumption is very low. 6. Equipped with high precision A/D (ADC) and digital frequency synthesizer. 7. The built-in LDO adjustment, low power consumption, wide voltage range (2.7-3.6VDC). 8. Built in noise cancellation, soft mute, bass boost circuit design. 9. High power 32Ω load audio output, headset connected directly, without the need for an external audio power amplifier. 10. Application is simple, low cost and high performance price ratio.



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